Castillo de Moratalla

9th century

A fortress to defend the border

The Muslims built this castle in the 9th century over the remains of Neolithic and Iberian settlements to strengthen the defence of the lands of the State of al-Andalus. After the Reconquest, the Order of Santiago rebuilt the Castle, and the Keep was built in the fifteenth century. In the Middle Ages, the castle was the starting point of the wall that stretched as an enclosure to protect the town. It was built against the rear walls of the houses, thus becoming part of the wall.

The six towers watching from the Hill

Moratalla Castle has six towers: Torre Redonda, Torre del Mirador or de Los Limones, Torre de la Magdalena, Torre de la Puerta or Alhori, Torre Blanca or de los Cuatro Vientos and the Keep, the highest measuring 22 metres high and 9 metres wide. The Keep, built in the Levantine military Gothic style, was where the lords of the castle would take shelter. It had a cistern in the bottom part, rooms and earthenware jars for storing food and everything needed for being self-sufficient in the event of a siege. It was a fortress within the castle itself.
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Castillo de Moratalla
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